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TRAIL OF TEARS "Bloodstained Endurance" /Digipack CD/

  • TRAIL OF TEARS "Bloodstained Endurance" /Digipack CD/

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Sixth full-length album by the Norwegian Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal band.
The first full-length recorded after Kjetil Nordhus, Runar Hansen, Kjell Rune Hagen and Jonathan Perez left the band in November 2006, forcing frontman Ronny Thorsen to assemble a new band. It is also the first album to feature soprano Cathrine Paulsen since “A New Dimension of Might” in 2002. All the bad signs were there. A failed tour, enormous financial loss and the sudden abandonment of frontman Ronny Thorsen by his band members. Trail of Tears had just recorded an album that not only made up for its mediocre predecessor "Free Fall Into Fear", but actually made the listener understand the importance of that album in the context of coming to record the mighty "Existentia". However, enjoyment of that album was marred by the position Thorsen found himself in, and later, when he assembled his new band, the fear that the progression he had found from album to album with trusty male siren Kjetil Nordhus would disappear with the dawning of a ''new era'' Trail of Tears. A band releases a brilliant album!!
Rather than alienate fans with a new sound as well as a new line-up, the band has carefully created an album that acts as a twin to "Existentia", therefore making it extremely easy for new fans to access their back-catalogue. Its combination of diversity and a tight sound make it the best album to date!!
Limited edition digipack with bonus track.
Napalm Records Handels GmbH, 2009 (NPR 280). Made in Germany. First press.

1. The Feverish Alliance 04:01
2. Once Kissed By The Serpent (Twice Bitten By Truth) 03:21
3. Bloodstained Endurance 03:36
4. Triumphant Gleam 03:41
5. In The Valley Of Ashes 03:55
6. A Storm At Will 04:00
7. Take Aim. Reclaim. Prevail. 03:12
8. The Desperation Corridors 04:13
9. Farewell To Sanity 04:32
10. Dead End Gaze 03:58
11. Faith Comes Knocking 04:32
Bonus track:
12. Onward March The Merciless 03:08
Total playing time: 46:09

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