TÖXIK DEATH “Speed Metal Hell” /CD/

Debut full-length album by the Norwegian Black/Speed/Thrash Metal band.
Töxik Death's music can be described as raw Old school Speed and Thrash Metal mixed with Punk and Roll, and inspired by bands from the mid 80s era.
A lot of new Norwegian bands are popping up these days, bands who play this kind of oldschool Speed/Thrash, and some of them are really good and unfortunately some of them just suck. Töxik Death is definitely one of the good ones, and this must be one of the best records of its kind you will hear heard in a really long time. "Speed Metal Hell" is exactly the sort of busted jaw brilliance you need in your life if you’ve worn out multiple copies of Voivod’s "War And Pain" and Sodom’s "Obsessed By Cruelty", and if you love Aura Noir but really wish they played a bit sloppier.
So if you like oldschool Speed/Thrash Metal you should act fast, since both the CD and vinyl version are only limited to 500 copies each so this will be sold out quick! In other words, if you think you are ready for some “Speed Metal Hell” you should act now!!
CD edition contains bonus track Malicious Assassin!
Demonhood Productions, 2014 (HOOD 15 CD). Made in Norway. First press.

1. Infernal Vicious Attakk 
2. Metal Possessed
3. Thrashforces Of Evil
4. Sergeant Of The Wasteland 
5. D-Beat Destruktor
6. Speed Metal Hell
7. Terrorsexslaughter 
8. Highway Warrior
9. Satanic Sacrifice
Bonus Track:
10. Malicious Assassin

Samples: http://toxikdeath.bandcamp.com

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