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TOKYO BLADE "Madame Guillotine" /12'' EP/

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Used: EX+/NM-.

The third EP by the cult British Heavy Metal/NWOBHM band.
Tokyo Blade's "Madame Guillotine" EP holds the distinction of, much to fans' surprise, not sucking nearly as hard as the ensuing albums responsible for definitively sinking the British Heavy Metal band's career. In fact, both its opening title track and immediate follow-up, "Break Out", were hard-driving borderline Speed Metal numbers that Tokyo Blade delivered with unexpected fervor. Oddly coveted from the "Night Of The Blade" LP is anonymous “Love Struck”, a animal capable of acceptance within Metal’s traditional civilization rather than on its outskirts, and while this jolted heart may have gone mostly unnoticed in its main full-length home, its saddened cordial gait, quasi-mainstream tolerance, and appealing contagion can’t become lost in the badlands. 
A pressing from Roadrunner has four tracks, Banzai for Canada gives ‘em six, and Bernett of France manages five, however be forewarned those songs past the original three tracks are just more of the same stalwart swag that's been featured previously all over Tokyo Blade’s discography. 
Roadrunner Productions, 1985 (125498). Made in Holland. 45 PRM. Used: EX+/NM-.


Side 1

1. Madame Guillotine 04:37

2. Break Out 03:42
3. Love Struck 03:42
4. Attack, Attack 03:32

Total playing time: 15:33 min.

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