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THY BLEEDING SKIES “Chapters Of Downfall” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by the German-Finnish Melodic Death Metal band.
Although in many ways the European MeloDeath scene is saturated to the point of bursting, there are a surprisingly large number of quality bands hidden amongst the dross. Thy Bleeding Skies is a international project formed by members of My Darkest Hate, Icon Clan and others, and plays a form of Melodic Death Metal that isn’t afraid to experiment a little, adding elements of not just the usual Thrash, but also quite a ladleful of Doom. Vocalist Claudio’s growl is deep, dark, and positively made for belching out hatred, meaning that it sometimes feels slightly out of place but overall enhances the atmosphere immeasurably.
All the playing on the album is excellent, and there’s a truckload of great riffs and leads. If you try not to listen to a lot of MeloDeath so you can appreciate the better bands then Thy Bleeding Skies will be worth a try, but if it makes up the larger part of your playlist then Chapters Of Downfall may well be a little too familiar. Either way, there’s certainly enough of promise here to make the band’s second album worth investigating when it arrives!
Dark Balance, 2008 (DB006). Made in Holland. First press.

1. At The Edge 3:41
2. Curveball 7:09
3. Thy Bleeding Skies 4:02
4. Burning Angels 4:23
5. Die Ideale 5:24
6. Insomnia 7:01
7. Slumber 7:18
8. Where Life Shall Grow 6:39
Total playing time: 45:37


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