The fifth full-length studio album by American Electronic/Art Pop band.
Band’s first album in five years, after “Love, Lust, Faith And Dreams” (2013), as well as their first release for Interscope, following the band's departure from Virgin Records in 2014. It is also the final album by the band to feature lead guitarist Tomo Miličević, who left the band two months after its release.
The album represents a drastic shift from the Experimental compositions of their previous efforts, opting for an Electronic and Art Pop influenced sound. On "America", a once-rocking Thirty Seconds To Mars intend to save the heart and soul of their homeland with an effort as vast and polarizing as the country itself.
The trio, marching in step with messianic frontman Jared Leto, seems to leave no mainstream genre untouched. Riddled with trap beats, millennial whoops, and plenty of Electronic-Synth sheen, "America" is Thirty Seconds To Mars executing their typically dramatic bombast at a fever pitch. For many fans, the lack of Rock aggression will prove divisive, and yet for the longtime faithful who are as devoted to the Mars gospel as the band itself, "America" should be appreciated as a bold and risky move. The band is nothing if not convicted to its ideas.
The twin pillars of "America" are "Walk On Water" and "Great Wide Open", two epic triumphs that best capture the album's entire ethos. As such, "America" succeeds in representing its namesake: it's confused, inspirational, and, like Thirty Seconds To Mars circa 2018, at a serious crossroads where the future is uncertain but oddly hopeful.
The album received polarized reviews from critics. Some commended the conceptual themes, while others felt that they were not fully developed; critics were also divided over the band's change in sound. Upon its release, "America" debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200, becoming the band's highest entry on the chart, and reached the top five in several other countries.
White vinyl. External sleeve is pink and yellow. Internal sleeve is green and blue. The insert is pink and yellow.
Interscope Records, 2018 (00602567400882). Made in Netherlands. Pressed in Czech. First press.


Side One
1. Walk On Water 3:05
2. Dangerous Night 3:19
3. Rescue Me 3:37
4. One Track Mind 4:20
5. Monolith 1:38
6. Love Is Madness 3:54

Side Two
7. Great Wide Open 4:49
8. Hail To The Victor 3:22
9. Dawn Will Rise 3:57
10. Remedy 3:17
11. Live Like A Dream 4:06
12. Rider 2:58

Total playing time: 42:22 min.

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