THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL “In The Name Of God, Welcome To The Planet Genocide” /CD/

South American re-release of the first EP by British Experimental Black Metal band.
"In The Name Of God, Welcome To The Planet Genocide" is a conceptual album and it's the conclusion of their previous album "Damascus Steel". It's a story on 7 songs, about the life and the death by crucifiction of Yeshua and, of course, his deification by the Roman Empire.
Being a conceptual album, The Meads Of Asphodel have diversified music styles and genres by inspiration. Although their base style is Black Metal there can be found Viking Metal, Power Metal, Doom, Gothic, Atmospheric/Dark, Thrash chords and a little bit of Goa/Trance, Industrial, Jazz... A powerful album isn't similar to anyhthing. Considering that, these British guys have managed to combine so many styles in only 7 songs, that will make you a little bit curious about their next releases.
In general, this album is very good and deserves to be bought!!
There is hidden content at the end of "Aborted Stygian Foetus" track.
Re-edition has new cover artwork and features three bonus tracks.
Godreah Records/Orion Music Entertainment, 2006/2014 (OME007). Made in Argentina.

1. Psalm 364 2:30
2. My Beautiful Genocide 4:44
3. A Baptism In The Warm Piss Of Slaughtered Children 4:53
4. The Man Who Killed For God 6:25
5. March Towards Annihilation 1:37
6. Hell On Earth / Blood Runs Red 2:54
7. Aborted Stygian Foetus 5:05
8. Dead In Space 6:30
9. Becoming The Cosmic Hydra 5:28
10. Consumed By A Burning Rainbow 6:00
Total playing time: 46:06

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