The debut and only full-length studio album by German Thrash Metal band.
Uncompromising mixture of Thrash Metal and Metalcore from this Spanish guys based in Germany, will kick your ass and bring your balls to the top.
Listen or die!
Izkar Producciones, 2014 (IKR03). Made in Spain. First press.

1. Will to Power 01:59 
2. Colossus 04:10 
3. Make My Day 04:45 
4. Error_404 03:58 
5. Who Are You 04:51 
6. Faces of Death 03:59 
7. The New Breed 03:40 
8. Ūbermensch 01:19 
9. Reborn 04:09
Total playing time: 32:49 min.

Samples: ​​​​​​​

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