THANATOSCHIZO “Schizo Level” /Digipack CD/

Deluxe Edition re-release of the debut full-length album by Portuguese Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal band.
This chaotic project marks the debut of ThanatoSchizO, a band from Portugal that draws influences from a variety of Metal bands. Best described as "Horror Metal", ThanatoSchizO put a lot of effort into creating an evil atmosphere with screams, samples, a church organ and Black Sabbath riffs. This band has created something strange and refreshing at the same time. There are a lot of good ideas in this work. In their music we can find also influences of Doom or Gothic.
ThanatoSchizO does have a female vocalist on the roster, but you won't hear her do too much, she sings a few scales and redeems herself with a gutsy performance on "Nightmares Within", with vocals sounding like the singer from Drain. The male singer somtimes even adopts Vincent Cavanagh's (of Anathema) mournful vocal style.
In nowadays Metal, it is not easy to stand out of the various shapes that Metal music has. To be difficult is always a tougher task than it is to be good in a known style. The album has its ups and downs, in what speed and violence are concerned. "Raw", the first song, is a violent exercise of almost pure high speed Black Metal, but don't be fooled, as you will find slower songs like "Nightmares Within" (excellent track), or even "Cântico Negro", this one will surely be a surprise. But all tracks are all good in their own style.
The quality of the musicians involved in this album is outstanding, starting in the guitar, going through the great bass lines, the extremely versatile vocals, and ending in the indispensable presence of the keyboard… and the piano is sublime… So, if you’re into Death/Black Metal and have an open mind, check this album out… you will not be disappointed!
Re-edition contains completely new artwork.
Sun Empire Productions, 2001/2013 (SUNEP006). Made in Mexico.

1. Raw 5:12
2. Suturn 4:06
3. Patheon (As In Strip-Tease) 6:38
4. Withering Art 3:31
5. Nightmares Within 7:20
6. Cântico Negro 2:32
7. Tiger's Doom 6:26
8. Love & Breath (Rebind Of Thy Restless Mess I) 2:18
9. A Day... (Rebind Of Thy Restless Mess II) 9:40
10. Big Bang 2:36
11. Nausea 5:30
12. Thanatos 3:19
13. Weird Curse 
- Metamorphosis
- The Return 
- The Nightmare After 5:23

Total playing time: 64:31


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