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TESTAMENT "The Gathering" /CD/

  • TESTAMENT "The Gathering" /CD/

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Re-release of the eighth full-length album by American Thrash Metal legend.
This is the first of five albums and one DVD the band has done with Spitfire Records. Originally released in 1999, the album came at a time when the metals winds were shifting: nu-metal had peaked, death metal was on the rise, and every classic band under the sun seemed to be reuniting. Testament always capable of weathering any industry storm, faced the challenge by creating one of the most brutal and relevant albums in its career. Co-produced by the last original remaining band members at that time Chuck Billy and Eric Peterson this is the first album featuring new artists James Murphy (Death, Obituary), Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Sadus, Autopsy) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer). Billy, Peterson and Lombardo along with long time Testament collaborator Del James are also given composer credits on the album.
The album was reissued Jan 08, 2008 by Prosthetic Records with an instrumental bonus track increasing the new track total to twelve.
"The Gathering" reached #48 on the German album charts.
This is one of the most furious and inspired modern Thrash Metal albums ever and one of Testament’s best. This is a brilliant Thrash Metal album. Fans of the genre should own this album, if only because good Thrash Metal albums were a rarity back in the late 1990’s. But even if that wasn’t true, this is a quality album that deserves to be heard by anyone who has a heart for this genre!!!
Prosthetic Records, 1999/2007 (6561910053-2). Made in USA

1.D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate) 03:34
2.Down For Life 03:26
3.Eyes Of Wrath 05:29
4.True Believer 03:38
5.3 Days In Darkness 04:42
6.Legions Of The Dead 02:41
7.Careful What You Wish For 03:32
8.Riding The Snake 04:12
9.Allegiance 02:38
10.Sewn Shut Eyes 04:18
11.Fall Of Sipledome 04:53
12.Hammer Of The Gods 03:12
Total playing time: 46:15 

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