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TESTAMENT “Souls Of Black” /CD/

  • TESTAMENT “Souls Of Black” /CD/

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Used: very good.

Fourth full-length album by the legendary American Thrash Metal band.
By 1990, Testament was one of Thrash Metal's Premier acts, easily standing tall with the Big Four of Thrash. An early Bay-area contender, the band has made three solid albums and were poised to make it big with their forth effort "Souls Of Black".
The band certainly had found their signature sound by the time this album was recorded, and the band managed to capture that sound even without former producer Alex Perialas (this is the first album of Testament recorded without him). “Souls Of Black” unites the Thrashers with the better-known Michael Rosen. With Perialas having served Testament so well, many headbangers wondered how great an impact this change would have on the unit. But they needn't have worried - Testament sounds very much like it did on its three previous albums and is as heavy as ever. The band's outlook was still far from cheerful. While it had moved away from gothic and occult themes, Testament still sees the world as a hellish, insufferable place plagued by evil governments and the threat of another world war. Although the band recorded this album without the usual producer, the lineup remained unchanged. By this point in the band's career, each member had made their talent known. Alex Skolnick as always managed to crank out some really impressive and melodic guitar solos, and a few of the riffs were extremely memorable, though some were more or less bland. The drums and bass remain solid, if not a little overlooked, however there are some moments where the bass and drums shine but they are few and far between. The vocals on the other hand sound very nice, with Chuck Billy giving some of his best performances in tracks like "The Legacy" and "Falling Fast".
In order to promote "Souls Of Black", Testament supported Megadeth, Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies in Europe on the Clash Of The Titans Tour. The album entered the Billboard 200 album charts on November 3, 1990, peaking at number 73 and remaining on the chart for eight weeks. "Souls Of Black" is also seen as an influential guitar album, being ranked number nine on Guitar World magazine's top ten list of guitar albums of 1990.
"Souls of Black" did moderately well, but was not the huge success the band was hoping for. This album would be a precursor to more traditional styles of Metal found on its follow-up "The Ritual", and this release marked the end of an era for Testament. Though it did not introduce anything new and nowhere near as good as "The New Order" the music found here is still powerful and heavy as hell. "Souls of Black" is an acceptable effort for longtime fans of the band!!
Megaforce Records/Atlantic Recording Corporation, 1990 (7 82143-2).  Made in U.S.A. First press. Used: very good.

1.Beginning Of The End 00:36
2.Face In The Sky 03:53
3.Falling Fast 04:05
4.Souls Of Black 03:22
5.Absence Of Light 03:55
6.Love To Hate 03:40
7.Malpractice 04:43
8.One Man's Fate 04:49
9.The Legacy 05:30
10.Seven Days Of May 04:41
Total playing time: 39:17


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