TESTAMENT “Practice What You Preach” /CD/

Re-release of the third full-length studio album by the legendary American Thrash Metal band.
As the last installment of Testament's "big three" albums, a series of well-done Thrash Metal classics, "Practice What You Preach" comes in the last years of Thrash's Golden Age. With great production, clever riffs and astounding solos, as well as decent vocal work, this album is probably one of the best Metal albums of 1989 and a certain classic of the band. It also has a distinctive place at the frayed ends of Testament's prowess; before they turned into a less interesting and less creative style followed from "Souls of Black" through "Demonic".
This album has also had lots of impact on the Thrash community back then and one can see why. Of the most obvious reasons, you have Alex Skolnick. This god of a guitarist pretty much plays some awesome solos that sound very memorable and very technical at the same time. But, aside from that, Eric Peterson also delivers with well-done, memorable riffs and shredding; for example, the riffs of "Practice What You Preach" and "Sins of Omission" can attract you to the song from the first listen and hook you on to the rest of the album. Top all of that guitar work with Chuck Billy's decent vocals, add to it Greg Christian's great bass lines, and finally enjoy Louie Clemente's somewhat distinctive drumming style, and you get a Testament album at its finest.
Also, the originality is certainly a factor here, and one who is not experienced may actually mistake this album for Metallica. The Metallica imitation is at its best in this album, obviously, take Chuck's Hetfield-voice and listen to the guitars and drums in "The Ballad", as if it is "Fade to Black II". Still, though, the riffs and solos remain solid and original, and the sound is still a bit different, but this is perhaps the least original work Testament has put out.
Overall, this album is a great listen and a definite recommendation for Thrash Metal fans!!
"Practice What You Preach" entered the Billboard 200 album charts in September 1989, a month after its release. The album peaked at number 77 and remained on the chart for twelve weeks. By June 1992, album had sold over 450000 copies in the U.S.
Atlantic Recording, 1989 (7 82009-2). Made in U.S.A.

1.Practice What You Preach 04:54
2.Perilous Nation 05:50
3.Envy Life 04:16
4.Time Is Coming 05:26
5.Blessed in Contempt 04:12
6.Greenhouse Effect 04:52
7.Sins of Omission 05:00
8.The Ballad 06:09
9.Nightmare (Coming Back to You) 02:20
10.Confusion Fusion 03:07
Total playing time: 46:10

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