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The sixth full-length album by the legendary American Thrash Metal band.
Very heavy, sounds like Death Metal album. Wonderful mix of past and future, combining the original sound of Testament with heaviest and rawer material. Dark and deep growling vocals, side by side heavity, slowness with the gloom of songs, inspiring passion tirades about war, cruelty to a child, falsity of the gods..., drive and aggression, some darken, and sometimes generating anger.
It’s the first Testament release not to feature lead guitarist and founding member Alex Skolnick. The record was recorded with original band members Chuck Billy (vocals), Eric Peterson (guitar) and Greg Christian (bass). It also saw the first of two Testament album appearances by artist John Tempesta (drums), and three for artist James Murphy (guitar). Long time Testament collaborator Del James is given composer and vocal credits on the album. "Low" was Testament's last album with Atlantic Records, leading band members to create their own label Burnt Offerings Inc. as part of the change. Additionally, a music video was filmed for the title track.
In July 2014, Guitar World placed Low at number 40 in their "Superunknown: 50 Iconic Albums That Defined 1994" list.
All in all, Testament's sixth album is probably their most consistent offering. The band doesn't fall prey to their age old clichés that dragged the band back and have finally found their stride. This is an effort that is to be respected and deservedly so. A potent mix of Thrash Metal with a wide range of classic and modern influences coupled with good songwriting makes this an album a definite winner!!
Atlantic Recording/WEA/Warner Music, 1994 (7567-82645-2 CA851) Made in Germany. First press.

1.Low 03:33
2.Legions (In Hiding) 04:17
3.Hail Mary 03:32
4.Trail of Tears 06:06
5.Shades of War 04:44
6.P.C. 02:50
7.Dog Faced Gods 04:02
8.All I Could Bleed 03:37
9.Urotsukidoji 03:40
10.Chasing Fear 04:55
11.Ride 03:07
12.Last Call 02:41 

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