TEMPLE OF PAIN "Lord Of The Undead Knights" /LP/

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Debut album by Italian Doom Metal band.
Is a new project from Fabio 'Thunder' Bellan, most known as guitarist, vocalist and founder of Thunderstorm, the now established Italian Doom Metal band alive since 1998. Bellan takes his morbid visions to another level with this debut release from TEMPLE OF PAIN. He is assisted in this by drummer Dario Fava as well as a couple of guest musicians. The performance is brutally heavy and dark, yet the songs still retain memorable, well-developed melodies. There is a musty dark age'€™s vibe on "Lord Of The Undead Knights", that never becomes corny. Although it's only an EP, the playing time reaches a maximum length of 33:28 minutes, which means that all tunes, except for the intro, are epic. It is thus clear that TEMPLE OF PAIN prefer to play Epic Doom Metal, and fortunately they avoid weepiness and weakness. The songs, driven by oppressive Stonehenge-sized riffs, oscillate between mid-paced and slow and bulldoze everything around.
BloodRock Records, 2010 (BRR007). Made in Italy. First press.


Side A
1. Rise from the Grave (Resurrection) 01:57
2. Lord Of The Undead Knights 07:33
3. When Death Loses Control 08:18

Side B
4. Witchmaster 08:51
5. Insomnia 07:01

Total playing time: 33:28

Samples: https://bloodrockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/lord-of-the-undead-knights

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