SYMPTOM “Opulent Atrocity” /CD/

Debut full-length album by American Doom/Death Metal band.
Eerie and darkened Metal of Death that oozes madness, horror and despair. Conceptual lyrics that tell the real story of an infamous building where all the past suffering remains alive and all nightmares come true.
Memento Mori, 2013 (MEMENTO-XVI). Made in Spain.

1. The Town Under One Roof     04:03
2. Rotting Inanimate     04:16 
3. Ashen Tomb     04:57 
4. Into the Scalding Spring     05:46 
5. Soulfurous Mist     04:53 
6. The Hanging Gardener     05:20 
7. Operating Theater     04:13 
8. The Third Floor     06:24 
9. Chronivorous Horror     08:19 
10. Desecrated by Modernity     06:23
Total playing time: 54:34


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