SYLVAN REALM “The Lodge of Transcendence” /CD/

Melodic Black Metal band from USA.
“The Lodge of Transcendence” stands out with fast moving drums as well as fast moving intricate guitar riffs. Almost like watching clouds move across the sky. The guitar sound combines elements of black metal as well as progressive metal signatures. The vocals weave in and out of black metal screams and growls to bellowing and shouts. The inner guitar solos are quite dreamy in their approach. Disappear into the landscape is a rather ambient rocking song with black metal vocals.
SYLVAN REALM also adds some melodic influence, a slight bit of the symphonic sound that has made the genre more accessible over the last few years and even a tinge of progressiveness too.
Reverie Recordings, 2011 (Reverie Recordings 002)

1.Sylvan Realm 05:43
2.Disappear into the Landscape 06:56
3.Temple of Not 09:28
4.The Lodge of Transcendence 10:27
5.Twilight Kingdom 08:44
Total playing time: 41:18

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