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SVARTSOT "Mulmets Viser" /Ltd. Digipack CD/

  • SVARTSOT "Mulmets Viser" /Ltd. Digipack CD/

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    Band: SVARTSOT
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Second full-length studio album by Danish Folk Metal band.
For all the bands that idolize the Viking era for the creation of their Heavy Metal tapestry surprisingly few come from one of the countries at the heart of the ancient Viking era - Denmark.
Everyone's favorite Vikings Amon Amarth come across as the main influence to Svartsot, at least when they choose to lead by guitar in songs. In contrast to the typically BM-derived vocals common within the genre those of frontman Thor Bager are primarily a Death Metal grunt, a style which will be common ground to all Extreme Metal fans but it is the act of hearing it alongside the inoffensive sounds of flutes and whistles. The mixture of light-hearted topics and more serious (though typical of the genre) fare makes for an interesting read in conjunction with the consistent and simplistic Folk Metal being played alongside with its rich reliance on the sounds of flute, whistles and mandolin to be the main driver for most of the album's 50 minutes.
This limited edition digipack includes two bonus tracks!!
Napalm Records Handels GmbH, 2010 (NPR 327). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Æthelred 03:33
2. Lokkevisen 03:45
3. Havfruens Kvad 04:06
4. Højen På Glødende Pæle 03:59
5. På Odden Af Hans Hedenske Sværd 05:08
6. Laster Og Tarv 03:38
7. Den Svarte Sot 06:16
8. Kromandens Datter 03:55
9. Grendel 02:52
10. Jagten 04:29
11. Lindisfarne 03:52
12. I Salens Varme Glød 05:11
Bonus tracks:
13. Visen Om Tærskeren 04:40
14. Den Døde Mand 05:56
Total playing time: 61:21 min


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