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SUICIDE SILENCE "Suicide Silence" /2LP/

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The fifth full-length studio album by American Nu Metal band.
The album is a notable departure from their signature Deathcore musical style, pursuing a more 1990s influenced Nu-Metal sound, reminiscent of bands such as Korn, Deftones and Coal Chamber. Lead single "Doris" resulted in an extreme amount of fan outrage over the band’s change in sound. Countless memes spawned trashing the new sound and some people even began a petition to stop the album from being released. This album that people had not heard was going to be so bad that people felt it should never exist. This kind of idiotic behaviour makes it very hard to not root for Suicide Silence to prove everyone wrong with this album. So is the album so bad that it shouldn’t be released? Certainly not!
From being one of the biggest names in Deathcore, this self titled album does see Suicide Silence take a significant step away from the genre. Eddie Hermida definitely attempts to channel some Chine Moreno with his clean vocals on "Doris". Whilst "Silence" has the sort of eerie sound that was so common on the first Korn album. However it’s not like this is something totally new for the band. These influences could also be found on 2011’s "The Black Crown" which does make it slightly surprising that fans were so shocked by them being present this time. So the change in sound certainly isn’t the problem with this album as it is something that has been a part of Suicide Silence in the past.
The fact the album was produced by Ross Robinson will certainly have lead to some of these Nu Metal elements being pushed hard. It’s very clear that this album was designed to challenge the listener and many will argue that all good art should do this. 
The fact that Suicide Silence really wanted to try something different is admirable. They’ve shown a level of ambition that is rarely found in the Deathcore scene. It’s certainly not a terrible album. "Suicide Silence" is a mess of an album, but it is certainly a fascinating one!!
Nuclear Blast Entertainment, 2017 (NE 3804-1). Made in Germany. First press. 45 PRM.


Side A
1. Doris 4:28
2. Silence 4:40

Side B
3. Listen 5:32
4. Dying In A Red Room 4:45

Side C
5. Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down 5:18
6. Run 4:25
7. The Zero 4:53

Side D
8. Conformity 5:53
9. Don't Be Careful You Might Hurt Yourself 4:20

Total playing time: 44:13 min.

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