STRIKE MASTER “Vicious Nightmare” /CD/

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First re-release of the second full-length album by the Mexican Thrash Metal band.
Strike Master has shown that good quality Thrash Metal can come from anywhere in the world. "Vicisous Nightmare" contains some of their finest moments with a tracklist that is all about oppressive Thrash Metal that never lets up. We get a healthy blend of old school raw Thrash production coupled with enough clarity to hear every instrument present. You won’t have to worry about overproduced Thrash production found on releases such as Havok’s "Time Is Up", rather, Kreator’s "Terrible Certainty" is the best way to describe what you’ll find here. The bass work of Captain Ricardo is very much audible and really is a strong supporting factor to Strike Master’s style. Ricardo usually follows the riffs of the lead guitar but what a breath of fresh air it is to hear bass work in modern Thrash Metal.
Speaking of the productive comparisons to Kreator’s "Terrible Certainty", "Vicious Nightmare" contains lot of similar riffing styles as well; mainly the type that is both fast and yet still melodic in various ways. Guitarist/Vocalist Colonel Camou brings such a fresh compositional style to their formula and really is the main person that elevates Strike Master to where they are. His vocal approach is very fast and aggressive.
This album contains no weak tracks. This is what Thrash is all about; finding that passion and never letting go and Strike Master knows how to makes something special out of something that is so common, which is Thrash Metal!
If you’re into Thrash Metal, even in the slightest, you have to hear this!! Strike Master have given us faith that near classic Thrash Metal albums can still be created!!!
Concreto Records/Blower Records, 2009/2011 (CDCR 44 / BR 021-11). Made in Mexico.

1. Intro 01:23
2. Black Violence 06:27
3. Total Disposal 04:18
4. Inflexible Steel 05:48
5. Metal Fastkill 05:15
6. Rabid Abstraction 03:30
7. Prophetic Chemical Death 04:38
8. The Way to Nha Trang 04:24
9. Violent Reinvindication 05:20
10. S.B.U. (Special Bestial Unit) 05:14
11. Outro 02:50
Total playing time: 49:07

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