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STONE SOUR “House Of Gold & Bones, Part 1” /LP/

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The fourth full-length album by American Alternative Metal/Post-Grunge band.
The first of two consecutive albums to feature the "House Of Gold & Bones" concept.
Stone Sour wanted to do something different, so the iconic powerhouse collaborated with producer David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Staind) for the very first time. Since bassist Shawn Economaki’s departure, they welcomed Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan and started working on their fourth studio album, "House Of Gold & Bones, Part 1" in early 2012.
Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor knew early on he wanted to do something special with their latest disc, and with "House Of Gold & Bones, Part 1", the band doesn’t disappoint. In fact, this dark tale of a person’s inner battles getting over a traumatic relationship break leaves us yearning for more. “House of Gold & Bones’ takes everything that’s great about this band and amplifies it. The riffs, the lyrics, the grooves and the songs are like Stone Sour times 10. There’s also heavy stuff that’s like nothing they've ever done before. It’s dark as hell and a complete experience from the first track to the last.
Taylor vocally is hitting on all cylinders with this album. "A Rumor of Skin" shows him delivering a deeper register; "RU486" and "Last of the Real" unleash a full blast of his aggression; and "Taciturn" allows the listener to feel every ounce of emotion he’s pouring into the track. "Taciturn" received its live debut by Taylor earlier this year, with the singer primarily on acoustic guitar. While it can pass as a solo song live, on the album there’s some extra pieces as the track builds from an intimate and sorrowful song into something more epic and filled-out by the end with Taylor begging, “Give me a sign / Show me a light / Maybe tonight I’ll tell you everything”. "The Travelers, Pt. 1" and "Tired" also flow particularly well together in the middle of the record, with the string-backing coming to the forefront. "The Travelers, Pt. 1" provides "A Day in the Life" -type conclusion to the title character’s downward spiral, while in "Tired" the strings pick up the pace and provide a building feel of the character’s increasing instability.
Stone Sour have provided the story of a character’s personal voyage and their inner dialogue that works as one album-length idea, and in that aspect they have definitely succeeded and left us anxious to see where the story continues in ‘House Of Gold & Bones, Part 2".
Roadrunner Records/Cargo Records, 2012 (RRCAR 7663-1). Made in Germany. First press.


Side A
1. Gone Sovereign 4:03
2. Absolute Zero 3:50
3. A Rumor Of Skin 4:11
4. The Travelers, Pt. 1 2:27
5. Tired 4:12
6. Ru486 4:22

Side B
7. My Name Is Allen 4:18
8. Taciturn 5:26
9. Influence Of A Drowsy God 4:29
10. The Travelers, Pt. 2 3:02
11. Last Of The Real 3:01

Total playing time: 43:21 min.

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