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STEELWING “Zone Of Alienation” /CD/

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The second full-length studio album by Swedish Heavy Metal band.
Steelwing have the obvious traits of Heavy Metal, and obvious influences that should bring Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to the mind of many. While they sound a lot like the acknowledged masters, Steelwing still bring a fair amount of melody and their own differing twists and turns into the music, creating something that's still relatively diverse yet succinct and comprehensible by pretty much any listener.
Thanks to a varied and fresh approach to songwriting, "Zone Of Alienation", proves to be the band’s best album. Modern production and sounds can make miracles, but that means that a band like Steelwing should invest even more personality. ''Zone Of Alienation'' doesn't explore many various elements, and perhaps keeping the music a little too concise may have been a mistake, but in during the collision of harmonious melodies and catchy riffs, one scarcely notices the lack of creativity. Plus, this is music that just sounds better when it's plain and not very complex. Most tracks have the typical verse-bridge-chorus structures, plain but very enjoyable and memorable nonetheless, and chorus sequences are usually boasted with that epic Power/Heavy touch with long duration power chords flying around the high-pitched vocals soaring over everything -- a beautiful sight!
Steelwing did a bloody decent job with their sophomore effort. They are very good at what they do, bringing all the common aspects of Heavy Metal, then offering them in the best way possible.
A valid alternative to Enforcer!!
NoiseArt Records, 2012 (NARCD016LTD). Bootlegged replica. Used (cover/disc): EX+/EX+.

1. 2097 A. D. 0:54
2. Solar Wind Riders 4:35
3. Full Speed Ahead! 3:49
4. Breathless 4:24
5. Tokkotai (Wind Of Fury) 5:05
6. Zone Of Alienation 4:20
7. The Running Man 4:42
8. They Came From The Skies 3:39
9. Lunacy Rising 10:20
10. 2097 A. D. (Extended Cut) 1:55
11. Hit 'em Hard (2010 Demo) 4:18
Total playing time: 48:03 min.

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