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Used (cover/disc 1/disc 2): M/NM/NM

The tenth full-length studio album by American Progressive Rock band.
After almost 4 years Spock's Beard are returning with one of their best albums to date. They are easily one of the best Progressive Rock bands to ever come out of America. Forging an alliance of breathtaking technical abilities coupled with exceptional compositional technique and a fierce sense of humour, Spock's Beard have defied the boundaries of Rock!
This is the last studio album recorded with Nick D'Virgilio performing lead vocals, who left the band on November 18, 2011, to focus on other commitments. He rejoined the band in 2017, returning to his former role as drummer.
Double 180g vinyl in gatefold cover.
Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Music Production And Publishing BV, 2010 (MTR 7324 1). Made in Netherlands. First press. First press. Used (cover/disc 1/disc 2): M/NM/NM.


Side A
1. Edge Of The In-Between 10:32
2. Kamikaze 4:14
3. The Emperor's Clothes 6:02
Side B
1. From The Darkness 17:10
  a) The Darkness
  b) Chance Meeting
  c) On My Own
  d) Start Over Again
Running time: 37:58 min.

Side C
1. The Quiet House 9:15
2. The Man Behind The Curtain 7:46
Side D
1. Jaws Of Heaven 16:22
  a) Homesick for the Ashes
  b) Words of War
  c) Deep in the Wondering
  d) Whole Again
Running time: 33:23 min.

Total playing time: 71:21 min.

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