SOLARWARD "As the Sky Stares Down" /CD/

Debut album of Belorussian band.
Aggressive black metal with strong doze
of thrash metal riffing.
More Hate Productions, 2009 (MHP 09-060)

1.Darkness Eternal 03:26
2.Night Realm 03:33
3.Celestial Eclipse 03:39
4.A Step Into The Twilight 02:32
5.Under The Pale Morning Skies 03:35
6.Where Sky And Ground Unite 04:42
7.Kingdom Of Frost 04:15
8.Nasustrac Svitanniu 02:49
9.War 02:34
10.A Moment Of Emptiness 02:21
11.The Light Is Dead 02:19
12.They Travel There Alone 01:27

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