SOFISTICATOR “Camping The Vain” /LP/

The debut full-length studio album by Italian Thrash Metal band.
This band are just where to go if you are looking for some scuzzy, to-the-point, and decidedly unsophisticated Thrash Metal. Band manage to pull off their 80s Thrash approach with enough energy and enthusiasm to avoid sounding like a tired copycat. Their influences may be plain for all to see – early Slayer and Venom being the most apparent – but the quintet sound as if they are just having so much damn fun playing simplistic Blackened Thrash Metal, riddled with dumb humor, that it’s impossible not to just grin and join in.
Although the initial image of Sofisticator's first official release might suggest your typical farm league Thrash Metal, "Camping The Vein" turns out not half-bad. The production is even surprisingly heavy when the album's lighthearted content is considered. These lyrics are really some of the silliest around as it should be already evident based on titles like "Total Flatulence War (Beans Attack!)". Except for the punishing title track, that may be one of the most convincing recent Thrashers out there, most songs are decent though not terribly memorable. The vocal department could use some more clarity; otherwise, the band's performance seems quite fine. Sure, the focus on deliberately silly topics could have been toned down slightly, but that aside, this one is actually a bit better than you would think based on the first looks only!
Limited to 400 copies black vinyl.
Global Thrash Assault/Italian Thrash Attack/Earthquake Terror Noise/Deathcrush Records, 2012/2013 (GTA 001 / ITA 004 / ETN 002 / DC 026). Made in Italy. First press.


Side A
1. Blasphemous Arrival 00:21
2. Camping the Vein 03:00
3. Burger Hell 03:15
4. Total Flatulence War (Beans Attack!) 03:35
5. Burn the Steaks on the Fire 04:17
6. Ivo the Woodman 02:45

Side B
7. Holidays in Hell 03:30
8. I Wa' sborr' to Rock'n'Roll 05:09
9. Sofisticator 02:47
10. Thrash & Clean 03:57
11. Mantas (the Thrashmaker) 00:38

Total playing time: 33:18 min.


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