SINISTER "The Blood Past" /CD/

Re-release of the first compilation album in history of legendary Brutal Death Metal band from Netherlands.
This release collects all six pre-“Cross the Styx” recordings by Dutch Death Metal legends, back 
to 1990. Back to days when Dutch Death Metal ruled the scene with acts as Pestilence, Gorefest, 
Thanatos, Asphyx. Like early Sinister, these songs inhabit a twilit zone between Old School Death Metal, the new wave of Suffocation-inspired Brutal Metal, and the Technical Death Metal like Pestilence or Atheist that used complex guitar rhythms and evolving, motif-driven structures to make a new way of writing music. As the songs mature, these three elements join into a single voice, one that can easily balance a sense of the raw feral id of humanity within a logical framework of mathematically-derived tempi and architectural phrase. This CD is a fascinating viewport into the history of Death Metal!!
Hammerheart Records, 2009/2012 (HHR2012-28). Made in Netherlands. Pressed in Germany.

1. Putrefying Remains 03:49
2. Spiritual Immolation 04:03
3. Compulsory Resignation 03:54
4. Spiritual Immolation 03:40
5. Putrefying Remains 03:29
6. Putrefying Remains 04:06
7. Spiritual Immolation 03:38
8. Compulsory Resignation 04:33
9. Perpetual Damnation 04:02
10. Perpetual Damnation 04:02
11. Putrefying Remains 03:22
12. Sacramental Carnage 03:05
13. Epoch of Denial 03:42
14. Lacivious Desolation 05:13
15. Perpetual Damnation 04:10
16. Compulsory Resignation 03:56
17. Putrefying Remains 03:31
18. Spiritual Immolation 03:40
19. Corridors to the Abyss 02:05
Total playing time: 01:12:00

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