SIGNAL (US) “Loud & Clear” /CD/

Remastered re-release of the debut and only full-length album by the cult American Melodic Hard Rock/AOR band.
This is pretty much emotional AOR at its very best. A classic album of its genre! Signal consisted of mega killer vocalist: Mark/Marcie Free (King Kobra, Unruly Child), guitarist Danny Jacob (Sheena Easton, Marc Jordan), bassist Eric Scott (Alice Cooper) and drummer Jan Uvena (Alcatrazz). It's unfortunately another dreadful example of record company's poor business, not giving great bands any support or promo. They would definitely have sold multi-millions with the right push. Just look at the Bad English album from the same year and these songs are just as great, plus, the singer doesn't mumble at all. The vocals on this album are really out of this world. A great singer is half of the album, a superb singer - priceless!!
If you have spent time with this album, and consider yourself being a friend of Melodic Rock music, then deliverance wasn't any nearer before. "Loud & Clear" can easily be considered as the eternal jewel of the genre. History has been a triumphant judge for the one and only release by Signal. But re-release is now available on CD, twenty years after the original gem was crafted.
Tons of reviews/presentations are available on both online (mainly) and printed (rare) media regarding the deeds of Mark Free (known as Marcie Free the last years - sex change operation). Mark - apart from being a 'name' not receiving the recognition he no-doubt deserved - presented a grand charisma of filling more than excellent the slot of the singer whenever required. Be it the mythical skinsman Carmine Appice-centered King Kobra in the mid-80s, the excessive Unruly Child makings in the 90s or his/her monumental "Long Way From Home" (Mark, here) and ambitious "Tormented" (Marcie, there) albums, the sessions with Signal, resulting in the one-and-only "Loud & Clear" CD (1989) / LP (1990), are the ones described as Mark's zenith in his whole career.
A deal with the EMI label could not be less than a good sign of trust for Mark Free, the Signal camp featured maximum players like Danny Jacob, Erik Scott and Jan Uvena, the production was a task to be delivered by non other than Kevin Elson (famous for his works with Europe, Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mr. Big and Night Ranger) and what was now on question/hold could be nothing else apart from the obvious; the music itself. Well…
"Loud & Clear" is an album Loudly declaring its melodic clearness. There are tons of desired melodies in there, flirting with both AOR and Rock music, a real epitome for what the specific world started referring to as Melodic Rock the last years. Mark Free sings so fine you'll not escape his sweet temptations, the instrumentation is simply immense, with nicely put riffs interacting with some superb keys, the rhythm section marches in familiar and essential tempos…all these destined to compile a grand set of tunes like…the whole album! Mark and Co. perform with envious consciousness for the song-list they've crafted, no wonder.
Fans of Steve Perry, Foreigner, Survivor, Bad English, FM and Boulevard must have this gem!!
This is a second re-release on CD and first digitally remastered re-release.
EMI/Krescendo Records, 1989/2008 (KRECD27). Made in UK.

1. Arms Of A Stranger     4:44 
2. Does It Feel Like Love     4:07 
3. My Mistake     3:48 
4. This Love, This Time     4:49 
5. Wake Up You Little Fool     4:19 
6. Liar     3:45 
7. Could This Be Love     5:03 
8. You Won`t See Me Cry     4:14 
9. Go     3:52 
10. Run Into The Night     3:53
Total playing time: 42:34

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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