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  • SIEGHETNAR (De) / URUK-HAI (At) /Split CD/
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Split album of the two leaders in the Black Metal and Dark Ambient.
Fantasy Depressive Black Metal from Germany vs. great Ambient Black Metal from Austria. 
A journey into Transcendental Atmospheric Tolkien themed Ambient Black Metal and Epic Fantasy/Ambient Black Metal in the vein of Summoning!
Limited edition and hard to find rare CD!!
Nordsturm Productions, 2010 (NSP 025)

1.Sieghetnar - Schwingungen pulsierender Todesfrequenzen 03:22
2.Sieghetnar - In Spektren des imagin?ren Lichts 06:16
3.Sieghetnar - Versunkenheit 07:29
4.Uruk-Hai - March to War 12:31
5.Uruk-Hai - Death is just another Path... 08:01
6.Uruk-Hai - Gil-galad (Remastered Version) 11:03
Total playing time: 48:42


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