SICKENING “Against The Wall Of Pretence” /CD/

Second full-length album of Brutal Death Metal band from Italy.
Three years after the release of the debut album "Ignorance Supremacy", Italian brutal death metal band Sickening comes back with "Against The Wall Of Pretence" nine tracks of a devastating mixture between classic American-style riffing, brutal blasting and guttural vocals that annihilate your ears, for a final result that brings to mind bands like Suffocation, Condemned, Internal Bleeding and Inveracity.
Amputated Vein Records, 2011 (AVR035)

1.On the Edge of Psychosis 04:18
2.Blind Obsession 03:32
3.Neurological Disease 03:51
4.Against the Wall of Pretence 03:09
5.Inner Suffocation 04:19
6.Unhealthy Illusions 02:55
7.Clones of a Stereotype 03:31
8.Blast of Madness 03:34
9.Mental Collapse 04:24
Total playing time: 33:33

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