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SHALLOW RIVERS “The Leaden Ghost” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Russian Dark/Doom/Death Metal band.
Second album by Shallow Rivers follows the stylistics of the debut album "Nihil Euphoria" demonstrating enhanced technical and compositional abilities of musicians. Extreme and harsh, but Atmospheric and Melodic music is based on different styles with prevailing Doom Death Metal resulting in sudden transitions from low to up tempo and vice versa.
Six songs of depressing Doom Metal with a hint of Melodic Death Metal is what you’ll get when listening to "The Leaden Ghost". Each track more haunting than the next, this album is a definite add-on to any diehard Doom Metal/Melodic Death ,etal enthusiast’s library. The vocals are Black-ish with some infused Death growls.
Track two, "Light Upon Us, Haze Around Us" is as soothing as it is haunting with permeated chords rolling around snarling vocals. It is the longest track on the album with layers of Doom sounding synth laid over fast drum tracks and gloomy breakdowns. "We Are Cold" starts off a little too poppy with a catchy drumbeat and riff almost sounding like a filler track at first, but with a more in depth listen; it is as evocative as the rest of the album. There is an odd guitar solo roughly three minutes in that (slightly) takes away from the song, but it is then saved by an overshadowed of melodies and harmonies. The coolest part of this song is the end sounding like the song is going under water. Has that part been longer (and maybe even the fade in for the beginning) this song would have been amazing.
The album requires a thoughtful listening with leafing through the booklet. You can return to it again and again as to a good book, because it has Henry Longfellow's "The Wreck of the Hesperus" as a basis of concept. Musicians discover the theme of obsession of poets, writers, artists and creative people in general. The concept is based on the idea that their talent is driven by a kind of "innocent insanity". It gives them inspiration, but eventually turns them into madmen. The lead ghost is an obsession, a nagging sense of foreboding. Attempts to understand it end up with madness.
There is a good variation of changes on this album barring anything sudden. The ease of bridges that include melodic notes coupled with double bass drums adds to the mellow depth of this album. If you dig Melodic Death Metal with a hint of Doom, you’ll want to check this out!
BadMoodMan Music, 2015 (BMM. 072-15). Made in Russia. First press. Golden disc.

1. Of Silent Winds That Whistle Death 12:08 
2. Light upon Us, Haze Around Us 15:59 
3. Scorched, Wrecked, Torn, Then Crumbled to the Sea 07:13 
4. We Are Cold 04:19 
5. Snow 05:16 
6. The Leaden Ghost 12:18
Total playing time: 57:13


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