SEVERE TORTURE “Slaughtered” /CD/

South American edition of the fifth full-length album by the Dutch old school Brutal Death band.
Here is another grisly job done well by a band who receive far too little credit considering the general quality of their cuts. Severe Torture is like the skilled butcher you go too even though the local chain supermarkets sell their slabs of beef and poultry for about half the price. They've trimmed off as much fat and technical excess as possible from their sound, to deliver you only the best riffs possible in a dark, simmering production, and lyrics that actually transcend the simplistic gorgasmic orgy expected of so many bands in this genre.
More brutal, eclectic and darker than ever Severe Torture will blow you away! This is one of the best pure Death Metal records of the year, and it's about fucking time people started to listen in on one of Europe's finer craftsmen of the flesh!!
Season Of Mist/Disembodied Records, 2010/2011 (DR 014). Made in Argentina.

1. Grave Condition     04:15
2. Unholy Misconception     03:39
3. Deride Jesus     03:43
4. Defective Fornication     02:53 
5. Slaughtered     03:39
6. Feeding on Cadavers     04:31
7. Inferior Divinity     04:36
8. Incarnation of Impurity     04:12
9. To Relieve the Mortal Flesh of Pain     01:44
10. Swallowing Decay     04:33
Total playing time: 37:45

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