SEGES FINDERE "Massacre Supremacista" /CD/

Remastered re-release Die-Hard version limited to 100 copies (!!) of debut full-length album from Brazilian NS Black/Death Metal band.
Grotesque & Intolerant Warlike Black Metal in the vein of Goatpenis, Von, Revenge, Conqueror, Sarcofago, Holocausto etc. 
This time we have a complete new killer layout and all the songs were remixed for this intolerant war metal massacre!!! Light shabby on the disc surface.
Nuklear Skinhead Division/Krieg Distro/Haterror Productions, 2011/2009 (KYRIOS-1045-11)

1.Intro 02:07
2.Superior Kult ov Totenkopf 03:46
3.Infuriated 04:26
4.Spread Hate Crime 02:36
5.Burn Judea Porks 01:47
6.Pogromistic Prophecy 02:31
7.Intolerant Black Metal Warskins 01:29
8.Worship the Absolute Terror 02:36
9.Purified by Warlokaust 01:33
10.The Conqueror Speech 02:41
11.Invokation ov Bubonic Slaughterisation 01:20
12.Iron Resistance 03:39
13.Apokalyptic Wolves ov Waffen 03:17
14.Atomize the Breath ov Subhumankind 01:05
15.Outro 01:04
Total playing time: 35:57


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