SEA OF DESPERATION "The Shards - Witness Theatre Part II" /CD/

4th full-length album of Russian Melodic Doom/Death Metal one-man band.
New album by Lefthander (RAXA, TENOTCHITLAN) will be pleasure for fans of classic works of OPETH from 90’s. Love, Death, Tragedy and Desperation…
Musica Production, 2011 (MP-53)

1.Three Beggars 05:12
2.Performer 04:44
3.Upon the Place 04:38
4.Midsummer Night's Dream 03:43
5.Bride of Nothingness 03:36
6.Witness Theatre 04:45
7.Rejected Lover 04:44
8.From the Diary, Left in the Garden 04:45
9.Gasted 06:14
10.Sad Spring 03:35
Total playing time: 45:56

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