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SCALA MERCALLI "12th Level" /Digipack CD/

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The debut full-length album by the Italian Heavy/Power Metal band.
The Mercalli scale is a scale used for measuring the intensity of an earthquake.
Wandering the Metal underground since 1992, it is only November 2005 when Scala Mercalli releases its debut full-length. Scala Mercalli walk in the fields of a genre quite popular in the Mediterranean countries - Power Metal with a dash of Thrash/Epic Metal here and there. They are not the first neither the last act in the genre and definitely they cannot be considered innovative but their music is pretty good. It started out pretty good though. This five-piece was keen to set out their stall as a Traditional Heavy metal band. Boosted by a good production their rough Power Metal is rather interesting and many of the songs can be considered generally good but as a package it is quite obvious there is a huge distance the band needs to cover before they can make a difference in the genre.
In conclusion Scala Mercalli need a lot of work. They are in the right direction but there are several steps need to be taken. Fans of the genre should check them out!
AB Records/distributed by SG Records, 2005. Made in Italy. First press.

1. Scream of Revenge     04:28 
2. My Daemons     04:41 
3. Banshee's Whisper     05:58 
4. Dissolved in Time     05:07 
5. Bloody Night     05:17 
6. Day of Fighter     04:48 
7. Queen of Dragons     04:35 
8. The New Kingdom     07:11 
9. The Sign     07:29 
10. 12th Level     07:58
Total playing time: 57:32

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