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SAVATAGE “Gutter Ballet” /Digipack CD/

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    Band: SAVATAGE
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Third re-release of the fifth full-length studio album by legendary American Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal/Rock band.
"Gutter Ballet" marked the transition between Savatage's earlier, straightforward, fantasy-themed Metal and the more Progressive direction the band took in the 1990s. This was the second album created under the direction of producer Paul O'Neill, and the songwriting on "Gutter Ballet" is leaps and bounds ahead of almost anything the band had recorded before. The arrangements are more complex, with the band finding new depths within O'Neill's productions.
On "Gutter Ballet" and "When the Crowds Are Gone", the addition of piano accentuates the songs' mournful sound. Both these pieces and "Summer's Rain" are light years away from "Sirens" or "Dungeons Are Calling", featuring slower tempos, soaring guitars, and sophisticated, sensitive lyrics delivered touchingly by Jon Oliva. Criss Oliva's guitar playing has improved, as well, and his beautiful, acoustic instrumental, "Silk and Steel", is a highlight on the album. Despite the change in focus, the band did not give up their edge, but several of the rockers show a newfound maturity in subject matter. "Rage and War", "Mentally Yours", and "Thorazine Shuffle" all tackle serious topics with tight, dynamic playing. While there is some material here that is a throwback to earlier days ("She's in Love" is a sexually charged rocker while "The Unholy" and "Hounds" feature dark fantasy lyrics), thanks to interesting tempo changes and more complex production, the tracks sound more epic in scope than most of the bands's previous work.
This diversified and highly professional and intellectual album is more than an experiment; it's the birth of a new genre or at least a major milestone and influence for the future of Metal music. With their first try, Savatage are already able to create ten or eleven mesmerizing and unforgettable anthems. There's not a single weak song on this record, not a single filler and even though every song sounds different and concentrates on a different feeling, story or musical expression, there is a clear guiding line on this epic record and the high quality of every song makes this album sound very coherent instead of just being a collection of great tracks. Back then, this record was easily the record of the year and while other Metal bands disappointed towards the end of the last millennium, Savatage emerged and showed how one could be able to change and prosper without getting unfaithful towards its own past. It's a pity that this band has never truly gained further attention as this album might easily please to Rock music maniacs and fans of classical music. This record is a great milestone in the history of Metal!!
Remastered re-edition features two bonus tracks.
earMUSIC, 1989/2011 (0204052ERE). Made in Germany. First remastered re-release.

1. Of Rage And War 4:46
2. Gutter Ballet 6:21
3. Temptation Revelation 3:07
4. When The Crowds Are Gone 5:47
5. Silk And Steel 2:56
6. She's In Love 3:51
7. Hounds 6:11
8. The Unholy 4:38
9. Mentally Yours 5:15
10. Summer's Rain 4:31
11. Thorazine Shuffle 4:42
Bonus tracks:
12. Alone You Breathe (Acoustic) 4:38
13. Handful Of Rain (Acoustic) 5:31
Total playing time: 62:14 min.

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