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SATYRICON “Satyricon” /2LP/

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The eighth full-length studio album by legendary Norwegian Black Metal band.
The first Satryicon's album topping VG-lista album, the official Norwegian Albums Chart.
Five years have passed since the last heard anything of Satyricon. Despite the band’s constant pleas to convince everyone that they were in fact progressing with their sound, both “Now, Diabolical” and “The Age Of Nero” suffered from songs which, for the most part, plodded along at a snail’s pace and never really took off or exploded as much as, say, "Nemesis Divina" or even "Vulcano".
The eponymous eighth studio album of Satyricon, led by Satyr (Sigurd Wongraven) and Frost (Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad), finds the chart-topping occult rockers moving even further away from the dissonant Wall of Sound wailing of more traditional Black Metal purveyors. Still brooding, bloody, and malevolent, Satyricon can dole out atmosphere with the best of them, but hidden within the miasma are hooks that eschew the lo-fi approach of some of their contemporaries in favor of a more radio-friendly approach that helped land the album at or near the top of almost every regional Hard Rock chart upon its release.
So, what we have here, is definitely Satyricon going through the motions. This is one of the most intriguing, most interesting and most involving albums of the year! Its total disregard for external expectations practically begs you to listen again and again, trying to unpick the threads of inspiration behind its creation, attempting to put yourself in the mind-set of its creators. It’s not a complete reinvention of the band’s sound, nor is it trying to be, but it is a re-invigoration, and indeed a resurrection, of their spirit.
Like the band with which it shares its name, "Satyricon" is an album of contradictions. Challenging, yet immediate. Hateful, yet hypnotic. Weighed down by a bleak and doom-laden legacy, yet soaring rapturously beyond all limitations. Burning brightly with cold, shadowy fire... It’s the dawn of a new age!!
The album nominated for Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) for Best Metal Album of 2013.
Double black vinyls comes in gatefold cover-sleeve with printed inner sleeves.
Kaleidoscope/Roadrunner Records/Cargo Records Germany, 2013 (RRCAR 7602-1). Made in Germany. First press.


1. Voice of Shadows 2:36
2. Tro Og Kraft 6:01
3. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight 5:13
4. Nocturnal Flare 6:38
5. Phoenix 6:32
Running time: 27:00 min.

1. Walker Upon The Wind 4:58
2. Nekrohaven 3:12
3. Ageless Northern Spirit 4:44
4. The Infinity of Time And Space 7:48
5. Natt 3:34
Running time: 24:16 min.

Total playing time: 51:16 min.

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