SATYRICON "Intermezzo II" /EP CD/

This little EP offers a track that could be found on their next release
“Rebel Extravaganza”, an album which marked a change of pace for them,
as well as an awesome Sarcofago cover, a pointless remix of a “Nemesis Divina”
song and an odd industrial song.
First press.
Nuclear Blast Rec., 1999 (NB 396-2) Made in Germany.

1.A Moment Of Clarity 06:24
2.INRI (at 251 BPM / Sarcofago Cover) 02:12
3.Nemesis Divina (Clean Vision Mix) 05:17
4.Blessed From Below (Melancholy-Opression-Longing) 06:05
Total playing time: 20:10

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