SANATORIUM "Celebration Of Exhumation/Internal Womb Cannibalism" /CD/

Famous Brutal death band from Slovakia.
If the immense crushing force that Sanatorium puts into every note of the album doesn't make you appreciate this, the technical precision and variation will. Herein lays a gateway to a savagely pleasing form of audio decimation. Enter the gate.
Re-press 2 albums in 1 CD + NEW VideoClip.
Coyote Records, 2007 (COY 43-2007)

Celebration Of Exhumation:
1.Desecrated-Decapitated (a Hymn to Monica D.) 03:11
2.Human Trophies 04:18
3.Fetus Rape 03:16
4.A Pile of Skulls 02:19
5.Violent Intercourse 03:21
6.Shapeless and Decomposed 03:21
7.Oral Fistfuck 02:57
8.Born Dead 04:10
Internal Womb Cannibalism:
1.Symptoms 01:05
2.Postmortal Gorephobia 02:24
3.Killing 03:49
4.That Cunts Name Is Heather 02:58
5.Intravenous Ejaculation 03:07
6.Penis Epidermis Inflammation 02:30
7.The False Prophet 03:54
8.Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy 03:12
9.Dunwich Morgue 02:43
10.Dead Virgin Whore 03:26
11.Internal Womb Cannibalism 02:29
12.Final Goremaggedon 01:15

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