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RHINO BUCKET “The Last Real Rock N’ Roll” /Ltd. LP/

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Rhino Bucket admits their greatest influence is the Hard Rock formula of AC/DC, yet as AC/DC finds complaints for being generic, Rhino Bucket pushes that genericness to another level. The power in Rhino Bucket comes from their ability to push dirty, grimy vocals over simplified riff work.
With "The Last Real Rock N’ Roll", they released their first album in 6 years. "We never did a ballad. Never will", states Rhino Bucket singer/rhythm guitarist Georg Dolivo. And the dozen songs on Rhino Bucket's aptly titled seventh studio album bear witness to his statement: the dirty dozen tunes on The Last Real Rock N' Roll are no-holdsbarred rockers boasting irresistible sing-along choruses, stellar solos, and gut-roiling rhythm section - if you don't stomp your feet to "Falling Down the Stairs" and bang your head to "The Devil You Know," check your pulse!
Rhino Bucket has lost none of the hunger, propulsion, beer drinkin' ' hell-raising that they began with in 1988, leading Jesse Fink, author of "The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC", to boldly state: "More than any other band, Rhino Bucket has awakened the ghost of Bon Scott"!!
Highly recommended for fans of AC/DC and Guns N' Roses!!!
Limited Edition 180g Yellow Vinyl.
Acetate Records/Cargo Records Germany, 2018 (CARLP 211). Made in Germany. First press.


Side One
1. Hello Citizens 4:03
2. Everything You Do 3:15
3. Last Call 3:38
4. I'm Your Doctor 2:44
5. So Long 3:23
6. It's A Sin 3:45

Side Two
7. Forgiveness 2:33
8. Bang My Drum 3:18
9. Swing And A Miss 2:44
10. Falling Down The Stairs 3:00
11. Misery 3:32
12. The Devil You Know 3:42

Total playing time: 39:37 min.


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