Debut full-length album by Portuguese Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore band.
From the high mountains of Portugal, Raw Decimating Brutality (aka RDB) brings us a new vision of grindcore. We are all accustomed to nasty and gory topics in the grindcore genre, but this Portuguese band brings us a new theme about construction. This peculiar theme was not always covered by RDB if we recall the "Sperm To Grind Your Ears" EP back in 2005 or the "4 Ways Of Vomits & Murders" split back in 2006, so it is new.
If you are a grindcore fan, you should purchase this album and played it like there is no tomorrow!
Vomit Your Shirt, 2011 (VYS-007)

1.A Massa Gretou-me A M?o 01:21
2.Andaime Infernal 01:47
3.As Portas Vieram Trocadas 01:33
4.Chapar Massa ? Talocha 02:00
5.Furto Na Obra 01:21
6.A palete Passou-me ?'rasar 01:44
7.Limpei O Cu A Um Saco De Cimento 01:54
8.Napalm Na Obra 01:32
9.O Muro Est? Mal Pintado 01:55
10.Obra Itinerante 01:32
11.Calhau No Quintal (Live) 01:52
12.Estrume ? Bruta (Live) 01:58
Total playing time: 20:29

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