RAVENTALE “Dark Substance Of Dharma” /CD/

The seventh full-length album by Ukrainian Atmospheric Black Metal one-man band.
In Ukraine, it seems that Black Metal is growing stronger day by day, because those lands were devastated in the past by the hard grip of communism/socialism, and as a consequence, there are bands coming with insights that are different from we are used to hear.
It's an atmospheric, harsh and intense album, with a darkened and morbid feeling that is present on all tracks. The speed in tempos is slow, or in more traditional ways, like Burzum did on "Dat Som Engang Var" era, with very good use of funeral keyboards filling the spaces on each song, along with very good guitar riffs, simple (but heavy) playing on bass guitar and drums, and a shrieked and traditional way of vocals (besides some really morbid tunes can be heard in many moments, as in some parts of "Destroying the Seeds of Karma"). 
This conceptual album is devoted to Indian and Tibetan mythology and offers to fully plunge into the cosmic order of Dharma, to parse the principles of existence and perception of this World.
The band is really excellent, and this album will conquer the Black Metal fans used to morbid and darkened songs!
BadMoodMan Music, 2015 (BMM. 073-15). Made in Russia. First press. Golden disc.

1. Intra-Mantra 02:25 
2. Destroying the Seeds of Karma 08:38 
3. Dark Substance of Dharma 06:52 
4. Kali's Hunger 03:09 
5. Red Laugh's Walking (Инструкция по выживанию cover) 04:33 
6. I Am the Black Tara 08:56 
7. Last Moon Fermata 07:26 
Total playing time: 41:59

Samples: https://raventale.bandcamp.com

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