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RAMONES “Road To Ruin” /LP/

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    Band: RAMONES
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Remastered re-release of the fourth full-length studio album by legendary American Punk Rock band.
A huge improvement over the third (and most critically acclaimed) album, "Rocket To Russia". This album shows the Ramones maturing, yet still keeping their Punk edge. At the same time, this album is criminally underrated compared to its first three predecessors - the songs on "Road To Ruin" were considered by both fans and critics as an attempt to get the band more airplay. The album incorporated musical elements, which were unheard of in Punk Rock, such as guitar solos and ballads. The difference in style caused for mixed reviews by critics, with many pointing out that the band was trying to sell more records through a change in form. This attempt by the band failed, as "Road To Ruin" peaked at 103 on the Billboard 200, over 50 places behind its predecessor, "Rocket To Russia".
Following the exact same blueprint as its three predecessors, "Road To Ruin" simply doesn't yield the same results as the other records. In part, it's because the band sounds a little forced on the harder numbers, but the main problem lies with the undistinguished material. "I Wanna Be Sedated" is a classic, and "Questioningly" proves that the Ramones are just as effective when they slow the tempo down, yet much of the record sounds like the Ramones trying to give the people what they want. Since they were still in their prime, such nondescript material sounds good, but the record has neither the exuberant energy or abundant hooks of "Ramones" and "Rocket To Russia", and it's the first suggestion that the Ramones may have painted themselves into a corner.
This album does have its flaws, but the level of maturity found throughout makes up for the silliness and stupidity sprinkled throughout. A solid Punk album with more heart than any of the Ramones' first three releases!!
Cut from the original analog masters. Inner sleeve with pictures and lyrics. 180 g vinyl.
Sire Records, Inc, 1978/2011 (8122 79766 6). Made in EU.


Side One
1. I Just Want To Have Something To Do 2:42
2. I Wanted Everything 3:18
3. Don't Come Close 2:44
4. I Don't Want You 2:26
5. Needles & Pins 2:21

Side Two
6. I'm Against It 2:07
7. I Wanna Be Sedated 2:29
8. Go Mental 2:42
9. Questioningly 3:22
10. She's The One 2:13
11. Bad Brain 2:25
12. It's A Long Way Back 2:20

Total playing time: 31:09 min.


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