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RAISE HELL "City Of The Damned" /Ltd. Digibook CD/

  • RAISE HELL "City Of The Damned" /Ltd. Digibook CD/

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Fourth full-length album by Swedish Melodic Thrash Metal band.
A phantom train zips across a doomed city line, and the fourth album from Raise Hell arrives, some four years after "Wicked Is My Game". Some of this delay was likely due to a pair of lineup changes, and the acquisition of a new label after the deal with Nuclear Blast expired. Raise Hell is one of those band that change their style from album to album so you’ll never know what to expect when their new one arrives. “City Of The Damned” is actually a better album than “Wicked is My Game” and have no more Black Metal influences as previous albums of the band. Death Metal is pretty much gone too now, but none of the old fans should leave their backs to the band. The songs are melodic, but still heavy and fast. The production is clear and present, and in particular some fine work was done with the vocals to give them some depth, catering to the Thrash and thrust with echoes and other effects. Almost completely gone are the crushing, raunchy tones of "Not Dead Yet", and all of the band's previous Black Metal influences, save for the fact the vocalist is rasping. In fact, "Holy Target" and "City Of The Damned" sound like two entirely different bands. This is far more controlled than other Swedish Black/Thrash hybrids, and the band's pure Rock influence continues to grow through the hooks and bluesy touches that flourish throughout this album.
This is the best album of Rise Hell and one of the best Thrash Metal/MDM albums of 2000’s!!
Black Lodge Records, 2006 (BLOD 031CDL). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Devil's Station 04:49
2. City Of The Damned 04:48
3. Like Clowns We Crawl 02:53
4. Reaper's Calling 04:37
5. Open Your Mind 04:12
6. Ghosts I Carry 04:24
7. My Shadow 04:08
8. To The Gallows 05:11
9. I 04:49
10. Rising 05:39
Total playing time: 45:30 min.

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