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RAGE “From The Cradle To The Stage – 20th Anniversary” /2DVD/

  • RAGE “From The Cradle To The Stage – 20th Anniversary” /2DVD/

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    Band: RAGE
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The third DVD by the legendary German Heavy/Speed/Power Metal band.
It's merely been 18 years since Rage first came up on the German Metal scene. Indeed, it's been 20 years since bassist/vocalist Peavy Wagner recorded his first album under the Avenger moniker...
"From The Cradle To The Stage" is a quite remarkable live album and DVD. Recorded at the Zeche in Bochum (Germany) on January 25, 2004, Rage performed a three-hour show, playing the most important tracks from every phase of the band's career.
It's loud, it's mean, and it’s twenty seven songs of Metal with a superb line-up. Guitarist Victor Smolski has a great rep in biz, while everybody should know of Mike Terrana by now, and what he can do with a drum-kit. His "Archary" solo is something out of the ordinary...
You can easily say that it's a best-of-live compilation as all the songs are included for once. A powerful executed performance by the entire band and one of the best live albums of the year!!
0 PAL | Dolby Surround 5.1
Steamhammer, 2004 (SPV 552-69667). Bootleg.


DVD 1:

1. Orgy Of Destruction 
2. War Of Worlds 
3. Great Old Ones 
4. Paint The Devil On The Wall 
5. Sent By The Devil 
6. Firestorm 
7. Down 
8. Prayers Of Steel 
9. Suicide 
10. Days Of December 
11. Unity 
12. Anarchy (Drum Solo) 
13. Invisible Horizons 
14. Set This World On Fire 
15. Flesh And Blood 
16. Rocket Science (Guitar Solo)
17. Soundchaser 
18. Straight To Hell 
19. Back In Time 
20. Refuge 
21. From The Cradle To The Grave 
22. Black In Mind 
23. Solitary Man 
24. Don't Fear The Winter 
25. All I Want 
26. Higher Than The Sky

DVD 2:
1. History Film 20 Years Of Rage 
2. Studio Docu: Falling From Grace (Wake The Nightmares, Death Is On It's Way) 
3. Studio Docu: Dies Irae 
4. Making Off The Rage Show 
5. Video Clip: Down By Law 
6. Video Clip: Don't Fear The Winter 
7. Video Clip: Invisible Horizons 
8. Video Clip: True Face In Everyone 
9. Video Clip: Waiting For The Moon 
10. Video Clip: Refuge 
11. Video Clip: Alive But Dead 
12. Video Clip: Deep In The Blackest Hole 
13. Video Clip: Lingua Mortis Medley (Don't Fear The Winter, Black In Mind, Firestorm, Sent By The Devil, Lost In The Ice) 
14. Video Clip: From The Cradle To The Grave 
15. Video Clip: Down 
16. Battlefield
17. All This Time
18. Beginning Of The End
19. Higher Than The Sky
20. Discography


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