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PSYCHOCALYPSE “Crying Moon” /Digipack CD/

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Debut full-length album by the French Melodic Death Metal band.
Psychocalypse is a project that was founded by multi-instrumentalist Psychotic in 2010. Three years after the band’s inception, and still featuring only one member, Psychocalypse released their debut album, “Crying Moon”. The overall presentation is professional, especially so for a debut album, and has some pretty fun ideas. Psychocalypse may not be crossing any new boundaries, but it’s a solid and enjoyable take on the Melodic Death Metal sound, which has otherwise grown quite stale and vapid in recent years.
Most bands even remotely associated with Melodic Death Metal seem to be relegated into the clump of bands that either ape In Flames and Dark Tranquillity or worship Opeth. There are a select few bands that manage to forge their own sound, but lately it’s a vast minority. Psychocalypse is one such band that is on the verge of creating something unique while still having a few nods to the more popular acts in the genre. For the most part the band uses fairly innocuous palm muted riffs underneath a wall of melodic minor key passages and scaled licks that call to mind early Opeth. The palm muted riffs typically mesh really well with double kick drum patterns. Vocally, Psychocalypse sounds like a slightly higher version of Mikael Еkerfeldt's vocals, especially when he did vocals for Katatonia's "Brave Murder Day". It's a strong and forceful delivery, which is deep and gravelly with tinges of raspiness. There's also a few keyboard accoutrements, which add a little more melody to tracks like "Apocalodia". The band has enough melody already, so it's surprising that the keyboard embellishments don't sound like overkill.
"Crying Moon" isn't the most original album on the planet, but it shows a band with a fair amount of promise. Psychocalypse, thus far, reminds of an amalgamation of the melodic lead work of Insomnium and the dark and bleak atmosphere of Opeth. The underlying guitar work sounds more modern than either of those bands, but the overall atmosphere is similar. "Crying Moon" is full of chunky, palm muted riffs with layers of melodic guitars and scaled leads over top. This is an impressive debut that shows some promise. Perhaps main man Psychotic can recruit some other musicians to supplement his style and give the band some added oomph. This won't draw any new fans to the genre, but it's a safe bet for those who dig the style!
Buil2Kill Records/Live Tribe Music, 2013 (B2K_0036). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Intro     02:25 
2. Stray Souls     05:29
3. In the Lost Kingdom     04:11 
4. Apocalodia     04:37
5. Crying Moon     03:52
6. Surviving for a Despair Growl     05:18
7. Staring as a Wolf     03:46
8. Tristesse de la nature     03:14
9. Fighting Against the Past     03:53
10. Frozen Area     04:04
11. Search & See the Tears of Stars     05:35
Total playing time: 46:43


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