PROFETUS "...To Open The Passages In Dusk" /Digipack CD/

Second full-length album by Finnish Funeral Doom Metal band.
Profetus follows the framework established by its countrymen in the mid-90s as far as the riffing itself. Yet the production here trades out that oblique, raw dirt of its predecessors for a cleaner, rustic aesthetic streamlined with its lyrics. Where some past Funeral Doom Recordings have felt like they seeped at your spirit from forsaken crypts or empty castle walls, "...To Open the Passages in Dusk" seems to skirt the forest canopy at dusk, or sail across the lake waters on wings of precipitous regret. The drawn out gutturals drift alongside the dirge-like majesty of the drudging chords, and the organ sounds are omnipresent, proving just as crucial to the atmosphere as any other instrument. This is a record that requires patience from the listener. It's a slow moving beast, with subtle intricacies that reveal themselves on multiple listens. The only clue that this has a leaning towards extreme metal is in the deep, growled vocals that add a sinister feel to Profetus's sound. As the song winds on, the sound level increases, as the guitars and organ are layered more and more subtle melodies creep into the music. 58 minutes of sinking dreams and strangled hopes…
Limited to 1000 copies with obi strip.
Weird Truth Productions, 2012 (WT033). Made in Japan.

1. When Autumn Cries a Fiery Canticle 14:20
2. The Watchers Dusk 12:05
3. The Shoreless 17:12
4. Burn, Lanterns of Eve 14:37
Total playing time: 58:14

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