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PRO-PAIN “Contents Under Pressure” /CD/

  • PRO-PAIN “Contents Under Pressure” /CD/

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    Band: PRO-PAIN
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2nd American re-release of the 3rd full-length album by US Hardcore/Groove/Thrash Metal band.
It was Pro-Pain's most traditional Metal album to that point, with a clearer guitar sound and well-crafted, mosh-worthy riffs. The bleak urban-streets blend of Hardcore and Metal with touches of Hip-Hop is downplayed somewhat, but the record still burns with righteous fury.
Candlelight USA/Raw Head, Inc., 1996/2005 (CDL0242CD). Made in USA. Pressed in Canada.

1.Crush 03:11
2.Shine 03:56
3.State Of Mind 04:15
4.Gunya Down 04:37
5.The Mercy Killings 03:27
6.Contents Under Pressure 03:22
7.Against The Grain 04:11
8.Box City 03:22
9.Odd Man Out 03:54
10.Political Suicide 03:36
Total playing time: 37:51

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