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POWERWOLF “Lupus Dei” /Ltd. LP + Poster/

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The second full-length studio album by cult German Power Metal band.
It may seem outdated genre for today, yet, Power Metal is one of the basic styles of Metal and it is the style of Heavy Metal. Despite all, Power Metal has always had a mesmerizing capacity of capturing the taste and hearts of the listeners, today as back in time. Of course, this still happens today for the giants of days gone and forlorn but also for newer bands, especially when expressing a good Power Metal, which is the case of Powerwolf.
This is an excellent power album, delivering exactly what is expected: fast, ear-friendly riffs, operatic vocals and short, powerful tracks that delivers positive energy.
The title of the album may be a reference to the story of Thiess of Kaltenbrun, a Livonian man who lived in Jürgensburg, Swedish Livonia, in 1692 and publicly admitted being a werewolf, referring to himself as "The Hound of God", boldly claiming that he and other werewolves went to Hell to fight the Devil.
All tracks are quite good. Vocalist Attila Dorn is clearly the star and main focus here, around whom everything else rotates. His job is truly great; his vocal performance remarkable as he has a powerful voice that boasts out and kicks you in the chest. The rest of the band delivers, with great solos and main riffs that enters your brain from start. Production is excellent and presents really high standards, as is also the songwriting. In addition to recording at Woodhouse Studios, Germany, the band recorded some parts of the album in the 12th-century Deutschherrenkapelle chapel in Saarbrücken. The band also used a 30-members choir on the songs "In Blood We Trust" and "Lupus Dei".
"Lupus Dei" is a really good album, and can be strongly recommend to any Metalhead, also if Power Metal is not your preferred style. This is a very good album with a lot of great features, perfect to set up the power mood and release a high level of energy. Prepare to feel as you're headbanging with the wolves, because you will!
Specially mastered for vinyl in 2017, 180g Black Vinyl in 400g cardboard cover includes a large poster.
Metal Blade Records GmbH, 2007/2017 (3984-25039-1). Made in Germany. First press on black vinyl.


Side One
I. Lupus Demonis (Intro) 1:17
II. We Take It from the Living 4:03
III. Prayer in the Dark 4:20
IV. Saturday Satan 5:18
V. In Blood We Trust 3:03
VI. Behind The Leathermask 4:35

Side Two
VII. Vampires Don't Die 3:08
VIII. When the Moon Shines Red 4:25
IX. Mother Mary Is A Bird Of Prey 3:16
X. Tiger of Sabrod 3:53
XI. Lupus Dei 6:08

Total playing time: 43:26 min.


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