PESHMERGA “Murderous Acts Of Cruelty” /CD/

Chicago’s (US) Crushing Ultra Brutal Death Metal band with their debut full-length album.
Featuring most of the original lineup on Gorgasm's legendary "Stabwound Intercourse" CD: Tom Tangalos, Derek Hoffman & Russ Powell + 2 new members: Bryan Krikie and Tim Thompson.
This amazing album is sure to be an instant classic that will rival any Brutal Death Metal band around today!!!
Sevared Records, 2010 (SR-136). Made in USA. First press.

1.Hordes of Assassins 04:30
2.Butchered in Captivity 04:38
3.Suicide on Impulse 03:51
4.Murderous Acts of Cruelty 04:40
5.Those Who Face Death 05:19
6.Brutalize Conquer Destroy 03:31
7.Nuclear Cremation 04:16
Total playing time: 30:45

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