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Debut full-length album by the Hungarian Avant-garde/post-Black Metal band Perihelion (formerly known as Neokhrome), and re-release of the third full-length of Neokhrome (change name) at the same time, plus the "Nap Fele Néz" EP - at one CD.
Having produced one demo and three albums, progressed and perfected music wise, with over eleven years of experience, honed down by numerous live shows and tours, the Hungarian band, hailing from Debrecen, Neokhrome, returns with a new album that altogether embodies rebirth.
To some extent “Perihelion” almost has a conceptual feeling, due to its lyrical content, thematic unity, title, artwork and the overall feeling maintained throughout the entire album. It's inspiring, highly visual, with a prophetic touch, and a synergic blend of influences that only make it more original, mature and surprising. If so far Neokhrome has proven a deep rooted personal drive, with “Perihelion” they have conveyed what they were hoping to achieve: “honest, sincere, heartfelt music”!
This band has been receiving rave reviews around globe, and comparisons have been made to Drudkh, Midnight Odyssey, Negura Bunget, Ved Buens Ende, Anathema, Katatonia, Emperor and Arcturus! Needless to say, this is awesome!!
Black Plague Records/Metallic Media, 2012/2014 (BPR031 / METALLIC 033). Made in USA.

1. Aurea
2. Stellar Outcast
3. Starborn
4. Crystallized 
5. Closer to the Sun
6. Rise Above the Ridge
7. Cosmic Grave
8. Through the Surface
9. Cold Ashes of Vanished Time
Bonus Tracks:
10. Nap Fele Nez
11. Elj
13. Verofeny (VHK cover)

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