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PAIN “You Only Live Twice” /Ltd. Slipcase Digipack CD + Digisleeve CD/

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Limited Edition of the seventh full-length album by the legendary Swedish Electronic/Industrial Metal/Rock band.
The sound of this album is a bit refreshing, even though the basic melodies are still driven by the generic Pain sound we are used to: very dense in electronics, which you will hear in ''The Great Pretender''. But Tägtgren took a step forward and upgraded it with some heavy riffing that gives this album an edge. Also, Peter's vocals are at his absolute best on this album, as he is flowing from clean singing to twisted screams and haunting whispers that almost slide into the realm of Gothic music, that really complete the songs. And not only does he sound absolutely amazing, he also shows great control over his vocals, especially when he's instantly passing from one style to other. Just listen the heavy screaming on ''Let Me Out'' moving to ghastly vocals and the heavy riffing on ''Feed The Demons'', ''We Want More'' and ''Monster'' combined with his wretched screams, and you will taste the album's finest. Of course, this album would not be complete if Peter would not flirt with some slower sounds as well, so he gave us ''Season Of The Reaper'' and ''Leave Me Alone'' to taste a bit of everything.
Maybe this album is not the best thing that has ever happened to Pain, but it deserves to be presented proudly. Originality may not be its best quality, but it brings a fresh touch, heavier sound, wicked vocals and some diversity. So, for those who still think Pain is just Tägtgren's bastard child, it is time to open your eyes and see he really did get his hands dirty with Industrialism and there is no need to wash them!
The album reach #36 on the Swedish album charts.
Limited Edition release features special treat for all Painheads – a second CD in personal digisleeve, that features one previously unreleased song ''Crawling Thru Bitterness'' and some remixes and live recordings!
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2011 (NB 2694-0). Made in Germany. First press.


CD 1
1. Let Me Out 4:35
2. Fear The Demons 3:54
3. The Great Pretender 4:05
4. You Only Live Twice 4:04
5. Dirty Woman 4:18
6. We Want More 4:46
7. Leave Me Alone (Sonic Syndicate cover) 4:10
8. Monster 4:06
9. Season Of The Reaper 6:38

CD 2
1. Crawling Thru Bitterness (Unreleased track 2011) 3:58
2. The Great Pretender (Millboy & Peka P Remix) 3:51
3. Dirty Woman (MC Raaka Pee Remix) 3:45
4. You Only Live Twice (Rectifier Remix) 2:52
5. Leave Me Alone (Sonic Syndicate cover; Rectifier Remix) 3:36
6. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover; Live At Sundown Festival, 2008) 4:25
7. Follow Me (Live In Brüssels, 2009) 4:45
8. I Don't Care (Live At Raimsmes Festival, 2009) 2:53
9. Bitch (Live At Raismes Festival, 2009) 4:40

Total playing time: 75:21 min.

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