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OZ "Burning Leather" /CD/

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The sixth full-length album by Finnish Heavy Metal band.
The cult band around vocalist Ape DeMartini release their highly anticipated comeback album which contains five brand new tracks, as well as half a dozen re-recorded classics, from the 80s era Finns, including a trio off “Fire In The Brain” (“Gambler”, “Search Lights” and the self-titled track), a pair from “III Warning” (“Total Metal” and “Third Warning”), plus “Turn The Cross Upside Down”. This is their first album since 1991, playing their trade well before the global spotlight was turned on their adopted homeland (band members originally emigrating from Sweden), OZ never really got their due, although infectious Traditional/NWOBHM inspired.
Numbers like “Fire In The Brain” and the twin lead introduced “Turn The Cross Upside Down” resonated with Metalheads everywhere, despite the yelps and Boltendahl-ish vocals. In retrospect, the later tune might have been a mantra for the Norwegian Black Metal mafia (“Turn the cross upside down, burn the churches to the ground”, radical thinking half a decade before the mayhem up North). “Gambler” is more closely to Classic Rock leaning Metal acts like Cloven Hoof, who lack a bit of power these days. “Enter Stadium” is the only new track that stubs its toe, a blatant attempt at becoming a professional sport played anthem, like Queen’s “We Will Rock You” or Gary Glitter’s “Rock N Roll Part 2”. Too much good old fashion fun to worry about such a cash grab.
Listen and learn!
AFM Records/Fono Ltd., 2011 (FO880CD). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. Dominator 3:07 
2. Searchlights 3:11 
3. Let Sleepind Dogs Lie 4:20 
4. Fire In The Brain 2:58 
5. Seasons In The Darkness 5:32 
6. Turn The Cross Upside Down 4:34 
7. Burning Leather 4:26 
8. Gambler 3:16 
9. Enter Stadium 4:18 
10. Total Metal 2:56 
11. Third Warning 4:27
Total playing time: 43:05

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